Charleroi airport

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Pegasus Airlines will start to fly to Charleroi airport becouse it will be alot cheaper then to fly to ” zaventem “,
the cheaper a company can make the airtickets the better !!!
Look at it this way … 2 shops, same products but 1 sells it cheaper the the other …
where will you go to buy that product ?

Charleroi airport will become the future of Belgium.

low-cost airlines can make everything alot cheaper when the location cost is lower here then in another  place,
so they will choose for the Charleroi airport.

When you drive the car to ”Charleroi airport” just type in your’e gps the following adress,
rue d’Heppignies
6043 Ransart

Charleroi airport

Charleroi airport

You can take the train to the trainstation to Charleroi airport, from there you can take a bus every 20 minutes to the airport.

And there is no need to worry , the busses are addapted to the luggage and extra soft seatings to keep you smiling on the way to the airport.
The busses are also helping the area around the airport to keep it safe,
you are bussy with your plans ( holliday, bussiness, family visit ) and when you drive yourself maybe you will be distracted from the road.
Take train and bus to travel safe.

Charleroi airport

Charleroi trainstation

This trainstation had a huge make over a few years ago and now it’s the most beautifull trainstation in Belgium !
Even if your not traveling to Charleroi airport  you should go there to chek it out.

They made it possible to leave your luggage in automatic lockers ,
put the luggage inside, close the door and put in your security code.
The pricing plans are not to expansife and verry clear and understandeble.


And offcourse is the trainstation available for everyboddy, when they did the make over they gave disabled people alot more options and convience.
Have a safe trip to Charleroi airport.